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$1000 and under

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We craft this type of video completely in house. You simply submit your digital assets, we agree on your concept and script, then it goes to editing. Music, motion, titles and voice over complete the production. You review it for accuracy, it goes through a final edit (if needed) and your video is ready for distribution.

$3000 and under

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These videos are usually one person on camera, shot in one location, on one day. Shot in our Encino Studio or at your place of business, our quotes include everything you need, from concept consultation, scripting, shooting to editing and basic distribution is always included.

$5000 and under

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When we craft this type of video, there are generally multiples involved: more people speaking on camera, more than one location, more than one day of shooting, more than one video created from a single shoot or a longer overall length - multiple minutes. The longer your finished product is, the more man and machine hours are required in production and post production.

$5000 and up

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Videos move into this range when the shooting schedule is greatly expanded, there are excessive equipment demands, planning, storyboarding, hiring of on camera professionals, shooting permits, etc. This can occur when several businesses need coverage in one video or for live event tapings or highly creative concepts.

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